6 tips to wash a dog the right way


Bathing dogs might seem a fun-filled time when you watch it in movies. But in real life, it is not a positive experience most of the time. Here is the right way to bathe your dog.

Have a positive association

Try to tie the bath with something positive. You can offer treats, toys, or affection for getting your dog to bath. You can encourage them to hop into an empty tub and give them time to spend some time there. You can give treats and toys while you add warm water.

Protect the ears

You should be careful that water doesn’t get into the dog’s ears while you are bathing him. It is very uncomfortable and cause health problems. You can try putting cotton balls into his ears.

Start young

If you have a puppy, then start bathing him. This way he will get used to it and won’t have any negative association toward it.

Use the proper shampoo

You should choose shampoo carefully. Don’t put on a shampoo that dries their skin out or makes them scratch their skin. Use a mild shampoo that cleans well and removes unpleasant odors.

 Start from the neck down

You should keep the dog’s eyes and mouth safe. You can do this by washing from neck downwards. You can use a sprayer to wash your dog.

Dry properly

Some people use dog blow dryers. But the feel and noise might be uncomfortable for the dog and there is risk of burning his skin. You can towel off your dog instead. You can find absorbent dog towels in the market.

Forming pleasant association during bath time, you can form a strong bond with your dog. You need to have patience while bathing your dog.

How to find the best dog breeders in your country


If you have decided to own a puppy, then first you need to check out the character, health issues, traits and nature of the breed. You need to find a perfect breeder now. It is a challenging task. Here are the steps you should take before choosing a breeder.

Be patient

If you want a good well bred healthy puppy, then you need to wait. You should expect to wait for a while before you can get one. You can start by calling the breed clubs in your area. They can tell you who has litters due. Once you find a breeder you can work with, you need to know how they go about breeding.

Health testing

You should test the health of all breeding stock. Health tests include eye tests, hip and elbow scoring, etc. Different breeds have different problems. So, you need to make sure that you know which ones you need to look out for.

Visiting breeders

Once you have shortlisted the breeders, you need to visit them and look into their stocks. You can check the temperament of the dog within the home environment. You can also check out the behaviors of other family members the breeder has. You will be given a diet sheet which will show what your pup is eating. You will also be given information on exercise and training. After visiting the breeder, you can make your final decision.

You must avoid breeders who take large sum of deposits and whose puppies are from unregistered parents. You should choose a breeder who does job properly, cares and nurtures their pups and takes the bitches health and feeling into consideration.

5 steps to teach your dog to sit and stay


The Sit and Stay command is the most useful command that you can teach your dog. This can be used so that your dog doesn’t jump on people; wait before he can go in or out of a door or car. This command is very helpful when you want your dog to remain quietly at one place. Here are the steps to teach your dog the sit and stay command.

  1. Make your dog sit at your left side and both of you face in the same direction.
  2. Put the collar ring on top of his neck and have a leash attached to it.
  3. Put the loop of the leash over the thumb of your left hand. Fold the leash into your hand with the part of the leash that is going towards the dog coming out at the bottom of your hand. Hold the leash closer to the dog’s collar; that way, you will have more control. Apply an upward tension on the collar so that the dog feels it.
  4. Say ‘stay’ and stand right in front of your dog, face him and keep the tension on the collar.
  5. Count from 1 to 10 and sit back to his side. Release the tension, praise your dog and let your dog go by saying ‘OK’ taking some steps forward. Do several sessions and increase each time the distance in front of your dog and the length of time he stays.

Practice this several times and you will be surprised how your dog follows your ‘sit and stay’ command. This is a very useful command and will help you in controlling your dog in public places.


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